8 Healthy Ways to Eliminate Holiday Anxieties

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Winter and the bad weather that often comes along with it, can cause anyone stress. With the current problems that most Americans are facing due to the difficult economic times, the stress that winter brings is often unwelcome and unwanted.

Today, the number of people suffering from stress is on the rise. Negative stress has adverse effects on ones day to day life as well as ones health. Stress can cause lifestyle diseases such as obesity and can also cause increased blood pressure. It is no wonder then, that people all around the world are constantly in search of stress remedies. Well, before getting yourself some pills, there are some natural remedies that could eliminate the stress.


passion flower

Although it has long considered by many to be just a folk remedy for anxiety and insomnia, there are a few studies that have actually shown that the effectiveness of this herb in treating stress can be comparable to benzopiazepine drugs which are a common relief for stress.

Though it has not yet been proven, it is said that the passionflower increases the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acids in the human brain. These are acids that are responsible for enhancing relaxation. The herb can be taken through different mediums such as tea, liquid extracts and even tinctures. However, children and pregnant women are however advised to stay away from passionflower. It is also important to consult your doctor before using passionflower and especially if you are under medication.


For centuries, massage therapy has been used a remedy for stress. The Chinese for example have been known to use massage to awaken the inner energies of the body for the sole purpose of improving health. Hippocrates, widely considered the proprietor of western medicine was also known to use massage as a physical treatment. Even today, massage is used to relax muscles, ease pain and improve the circulation of blood. All these go a long way in eliminating stress.


Though meditation is mostly used for religious/spiritual purposes, it has also been known to bring about relaxation. It need not take up a lot of time and just 15 to 30 minutes of daily meditation can work wonders. This short period of peace and tranquility every day is essential in eliminating stress.


It doesn’t matter with it is yoga, Tai Chi, running or swimming. Any form of exercise is bound to bring you relaxation and elevated moods. This is because exercise often allows one to let go of their thoughts. It also helps in releasing analgesic hormones into the brain. Regular exercise will also keep health issues away hence ensuring even less stress.

Limit your Screen Time

Modern technologies such as the internet and the cellphone only expose us to even more stress. The use of electronics before sleeping for example, has been known to cause insomnia which in turn causes stress. Instead of allowing stress to get direct access to us, we could shield ourselves by taking some time off the internet and off our phones. This allows us to enjoy the other finer things in life which enhances our appreciation of life.

B Vitamins

These help in improving the general functioning of the brain and the nervous system. B vitamins also help in fighting exhaustion and subsequently bringing about relaxation. Some of the symptoms of B Vitamin deficiency include apathy, irritability and depression. Cereals like beans and peas as well as eggs and even dairy products are all rich in B Vitamins


Some scents have been known to bring about immediate relief from stress. These scents raise the mood, hence reducing anxiety. By so doing, they increase ones focus and concentration. These scents are believed to stimulate the part of the brain responsible for moods, emotions and basic drives subsequently releasing chemicals that have positive effects on the brain. Some good oils that you can use include rosemary and lavender.


This is by far the best and most natural remedy of stress. Lack of sleep results in irritability and crankiness. Excessive sleep on the other hand may result in laziness and depression. Getting just the right amount of sleep however can make you happier and more active. By adopting specific bed time rituals such as taking bed-time baths, we train our brains to fall asleep after certain signals. Foods such as bananas, peanuts and even turkey also go a long way in promoting better sleep as they are known to contain tryptophans which aide in the production of melatonin. One should however avoid eating huge meals before sleeping as doing so may cause indigestion, reflux or heartburn.

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