3 Things To Know Before You Get Paternity DNA Tested

Dna Tests

Paternity tests have become popular in today’s society.

Partly this is because the morals and values of people are changing as people of all ages are enjoying open sexual relationships. One of the drawbacks of such a society is that knowing who your parents really are can be more difficult.

When a woman becomes pregnant today, it is not uncommon to question who the father is.  Since she has slept with multiple partners, a DNA test may need to be performed to find out who actually fathered the child.

DNA Testing Is Simpler Today

Today obtaining a DNA is simple and easy.

There are DNA clinics in most cities, and you can always order a DNA test kit by going online and having one sent to your home for the price of the postage.

If you want to test another person, you can get their DNA sample discretely from items such as a toothbrush, a comb or brush or even a used bandage.

The instructions from the DNA kit must be followed to the letter.  The samples are mailed to these special testing clinics.  They must be sealed tightly in the special envelope with tape or paper glue.

The results can normally be sent to you by the use of the phone, email or through the regular mail. Or anonymously, if desired.

Finding A DNA Test Center Is Easy

Dna Tests

There are several ways to find a DNA test lab near you:

  • Check the local phone books
  • Search online
  • Ask your doctor
  • Check with your local health care clinic

You Can Be Discreet

Anonymity can be really important when getting a DNA test.

It may, for example, be needed because a person has been having intercourse with more than one person and they do not want their partner to find out.

For example, if a woman is married and she has been cheating on her husband and discovers that she is pregnant, she is not going to want her husband to know that it is possible that her child does not belong to him.

In this case, she could get DNA samples from her boyfriend and her husband’s tooth brushes and have their DNA tested without them being aware that she had questions about paternity.  She can do this during the day while they are at work and get it in the mail without either even knowing about it.

It is always wise to find out how a clinic’s privacy policies work, to know how they will keep your results in confidence.

It is also important to understand how the DNA test process works.  Make sure that the discreet DNA  clinic that you have chosen to use utilizes top quality testing techniques and will stand behind their results in case they are needed in court to obtain child support or proof of parenthood.

This can never be an easy time for anyone involved and to know that you have the support and the confidence in your center will make these hard times easier.

Author: Carl Timmerman

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