Anxiety-Driven Insomnia
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Will a New Bed Cure My Anxiety-Driven Insomnia?

Sleeping disorders are common in the US. There are more than 40 million people with chronic conditions, and a further 20 million dealing with occasional problems. Insomnia is high on the list. People struggle to fall asleep at night, deal with unrefreshing sleep and face an unhealthy sleep cycle. This often leads to anxiety-driven insomnia. The question is, how can sufferers fix it?

The first step could simply be to switch beds and improve sleep hygiene for a few days.

Sleep hygiene and a few nights on an alternative mattress could help people. This is a good starting point when dealing with the insomnia element of anxiety-driven insomnia. If you do not have a separate guest room, then people may choose to pull out the guest air bed (See for more info.) for a few nights. This inflatable bed may provide the change in environment needed to improve sleep.

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