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New Company Out Of UK Offering DNA Tests – LivingDNA

The latest player in at-home DNA testing, LivingDNA pretends to be the “world’s most superior DNA test.” Not only does the organization present a report in your ancestry, but also, it also supplies information on your maternal and early ancestors.

Living DNA calls itself a 3-in-1 DNA test, as it inspects three parts of your DNA: mtDNA from the own mother, yDNA from your dad and your autosomes. However, be aware that only men inherit yDNA in their fathers, so girls will get results based on mtDNA and autosomes.

The yDNA from your dad and mtDNA from the mother allow one to research what Living DNA calls “direct ancestry.” LivingDNA can discover which haplogroups you relate to, by comparing your mtDNA¬† and yDNA with genetic mutations found over time in ancient people.

(A haplogroup is a group of individuals who share genes with an ancient common ancestor, through the father line or motherline.)

Like other Ancestry evaluations, LivingDNA examines your autosomes (chromosomes you have shared …

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