Top 5 DNA Paternity Testing Myths


Need a Paternity Test?

Paternity tests are becoming a more and more common tool in today’s world. Whereas before paternity tests were the bread and butter of cheesy daytime talk shows, paternity tests are being used much more commonly. However, despite their rise in popularity, there are many myths and falsehoods surrounding them. If you need a paternity test, do not fall victim to these myths. Use these top 5 myths to educate yourself on the modern paternity test.

You Have to Wait Until the Baby is Born

With any older DNA tests, parents had to wait until the baby was born in order to learn the paternity. Many people are still under the impression that modern tests are the same. However, today there are prenatal paternity tests that are safe for both the mother and the baby. This can help resolve any conflicts about parentage before the baby is born, easing stress for all involved.

The Test is Too Expensive

Again, in the days of cheesy daytime talk shows that thrived off of paternity test drama, these kinds of genetic tests cost as much as $500. Most people do not have this much money freely available for them to pay for a paternity test. However, the newest tests cost a fraction of the price. The average price for a paternity test today is $99. This makes it much more feasible for people to get a paternity test, and resolve their paternity issues.

All Labs are Equal

Many people trust that every scientific lab is held to the same high standards, and will provide the same kind of services. This is very untrue. Not all labs are going to run their business with the same integrity, which means that you cannot blindly trust labs or the results that they produce. Similarly, not every lab will perform the same kinds of services. If you want the most comprehensive genealogical tests, you need to do research on the labs near you.

People Will Know that I am Getting a Paternity Test

One of the most common complaints, worries, and myths about paternity tests is that there will be no confidentiality when a mother gets a paternity test. There is a great deal of emotion and shame surrounding paternity tests, and no woman wants to feel as if she is a bad person. She does not want to share her personal issues with anyone else. However, anyone who comes in to get a paternity test has a right to confidentiality. Labs cannot share the results, or even the fact that there has been a paternity test done with anyone. Click here!

Tests Take Too Long to Get Results

Paternity tests have historically taken a significant amount of time to process and produce results. However, with the latest innovative technology, labs can now rush these results, and can produce them in a day. These rushed tests usually cost more, however for those who need results quickly, knowing that they can get results quickly is reassuring. Even if you do not rush the results, paternity tests take much less today than they have in the past.

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